Sync & search a local gpg-encrypted cache of a Bitwarden vault: Documentation

bwget synchronizes your Bitwarden vault to a gpg-encrypted local file for fast access and implements a simple search & formatting functionality.

Usage: ./bwget [options] command [args]

    --keyid <id>     Use <id> as the recipient for encryption

    item <search>    Search and dump an item
    user <search>    Search and dump the username of an item
    pass <search>    Search and dump the password of an item
    dump             Dump the local cache in JSON format
    sync             Synchronize with remote Bitwarden vault
    help             Display this help page
$ bwget item Google
Google [1b86584f-6d63-4302-aca0-acd40071223d]
Password: V3ryS3cret,
URL     :
Notes   : Backup codes:
1234 5678
5495 1612
9572 5734
6724 528

$ bwget user Google