Repository List
FilenameProject NameLast ModifiedLogin Group
awful-main.fossil Minimal functor to turn awful websites into standalone programs 190.7 days
b.fossil Website for 25.7 days
bwget.fossil Sync & search a local gpg-encrypted cache of a Bitwarden vault 1.26 years
chicken-nanosleep.fossil CHICKEN interface to POSIX nanosleep 183.7 days
dbsync.fossil Sync files with Dropbox 1.25 years
fatc.fossil Website for 204.7 days
poule.fossil CHICKEN extension to manage a pool of worker processes 17.2 hours
retcl.fossil Redis client library for Tcl 7.7 days
tcl-dav.fossil DAV library for Tcl 1.26 years
tcl-scgi.fossil SCGI handler for Tcl scripts 1.25 years
tf.fossil Website for 204.7 days
thingylaunch.fossil Simple X11 application launcher 49.0 days