Repository List
FilenameProject NameLast ModifiedLogin Group
awful-main.fossil Minimal functor to turn awful websites into standalone programs 213.5 days
b.fossil Website for 48.4 days
bwget.fossil Sync & search a local gpg-encrypted cache of a Bitwarden vault 1.32 years
chicken-nanosleep.fossil CHICKEN interface to POSIX nanosleep 206.4 days
dbsync.fossil Sync files with Dropbox 1.32 years
fatc.fossil Website for 227.4 days
lay.fossil Lay CHICKEN eggs efficiently 11.4 days
poule.fossil CHICKEN extension to manage a pool of worker processes 23.4 days
retcl.fossil Redis client library for Tcl 16.7 days
tcl-dav.fossil DAV library for Tcl 1.32 years
tcl-scgi.fossil SCGI handler for Tcl scripts 1.31 years
tf.fossil Website for 227.5 days
thingylaunch.fossil Simple X11 application launcher 71.7 days